This practice observes the Department of Health COVID-19 guidance of the day. The COVID-19 guidance can be found at

Practically, this means that -

  • all of us (clients and therapists) have the personal responsibility to self-distance, reduce contacts to the absolute minimum, only come to work if our presence is absolutely necessary in an essential service, and to work from home in all other circumstances. Therefore:

    • I can provide therapy by Video call using Google Duo

    • I can provide therapy by phone

    • I can offer Skype or Zoom sessions if requested.

  • New clients for therapy can commence with one of the above but sessions will revert to face-to-face sessions when the government COVID-19 guidance allows.

  • Therapy sessions are of 50 minute duration and take place under the Code of Ethics of my professional organisation (IAHIP).

  • I regret that in this COVID-19 situation, I am unable to offer couple therapy to new clients. Couple therapy will resume when government COVID-19 guidance allows.

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Covid-19 .... its also about caring

Three types of care are obviously important at this time: care for loved ones, care for self and care for the larger community. The first of these often looks after itself. The second often gets undervalued, especially by people with mental health or low self-esteem issues. The third one has the potential to give us hope and a sense of much-needed connectedness in these challenging and isolating times. There is also another type of care: care for the truth - this one helps us keep our feet on solid ground .... it means checking our facts and making sure we are not undermining volnerable people by propagating anxiety-provoking myths.

The human spirit needs watering - in the midst of tears of frustration, worry  and, sometimes, sorrow, why not also have tears of laughter, if we can.
After the News, watch something light!